Monday, March 31, 2014

5 ways to the perfect wedding

                                         5 WAYS TO THE PERFECT WEDDING

1.    Prioritize the wedding. Booking the unimportant things first has a tendency to draw money away from the real important things. Weddings are expensive. According to a national survey the top 4 things that are most important in a wedding are food and the venue, entertainment, photographer, church or wedding location.
2.    Is value more important than price. You can have both. Work with professionals and have them help you find the best at a reasonable price. Not everyone is looking to rip you off, but remember you get what you pay for.
3.    Ask the right questions. Chances are this is your first wedding, no one expects you to have all the answers. I can supply you with a questionnaire to help you get started.
4.    Don’t take it too seriously. There are too many things involved in a wedding, some little thing will go wrong. Don’t take one of the most important days of your life and turn it into one of the most stressful. The little things that go wrong will be the things you laugh about years from now.
5.    Share this day with the most important people in your life, family and friends. Good food, good entertainment, good friends has all the makings of a great wedding.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Dear Bride,
Aries Entertainment has been in the wedding business since 1977.
FACT: You will need entertainment for your wedding.
FACT: The entertainment is the most important part of the wedding. No one will judge the reception as a failure because the cake wasn’t good or they didn’t like your transportation, but they will judge your entertainment.
FACT : The average wedding from the ceremony to the end of the reception is 9 hours long. Taking into account that there is entertainment at the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception this accounts for 75% of the entire wedding.
FACT: Most brides have no idea where to find entertainment.
FACT : Most brides have no idea what entertainment will cost.
FACT : Most brides over pay for their entertainment by 25%.
FACT : 25% of brides are not happy with their choice of entertainment after the event.
FACT : See previous fact, some brides don’t hire professional performers for their wedding. The club DJ or uncle Johnny or the local club band doesn’t know how to perform a professional wedding.
***Why not call a professional? There is no cost to speak to us. I promise there will be no hard sell. You make all the decisions we just provide information. ***
Bruce Witherell – Aries Entertainment – 413-743-4246

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A recommendation from a happy client.

My wife and I had an incredibly hard time planning our wedding. One thing after another kept cropping up to cause problems. Through all that, Bruce was kind, understanding, supportive, and helpful. He helped us find a number of groups, and then another set of groups when our budget suddenly shrank. Our interactions with Bruce were some of the first positive ones in the wedding planning process, and we’re very grateful that we met him.
Thanks for everything.
-Ziv Nelson – February 3,2014